Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SpotCloud: Worth Watching (and Perhaps Using)

SpotCloud is a "cloud capacity clearinghouse," a "spot market" for cloud computing capacity. Want to deploy an on-demand server instance to test or tinker with something? SpotCloud will sell you pre-configured Linux or Windows "virtual machine (VM) packages" with defined profiles and capacities, by the hour, and let you pay as you go. Got extra server capacity? SpotCloud will help you sell access to it. A kind-of brokerage for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) on demand.

The details are always the challenge, of course, but frankly, this is an idea for which the time has in fact arrived. For the right workloads and projects, SpotCloud can reduce significantly or eliminate entirely the barriers to entry into cloud computing. If you or your company have been on the fence, take a look at SpotCloud. It may provide the push you need to replace apprehension and uncertainty with some real-life experience.